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100% Natural Care Hair Care Cure 125 ml
Product Code : ERSLS-0210

Product Details

100% Natural Care Hair Care Cure 125 ml Paraben-free product with our hair and hair, you can show the right to the right.

Feeding the scalp is an optimal blend of all natural oils with cell renewal properties. Orange oil and peppermint oil, which are natural essential oils, are used to mask the unpleasant smell of natural infiltration fixed oils and give a nice smell. Although natural Vitamin E is present in many oils in its composition, natural Vitamin E is added to the formulation.

MECİTEFENDİ 100% NATURAL HAIR CARE KÜRÜ with hair and hair can show the right to the right.

It does not contain parabens.

Product Usage;

Apply by spraying your hair and hair. Gently and briefly massage your fingertips to ensure that 100% Natural Hair Care Cure penetrates well into the skin. Wait at least half an hour, maximum five hours with a towel wrapped around your head. Then cleanse your hair with a suitable one of your haircuts from your own vegetable shampoo.

Installments Information

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