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About us

Our Mission;

To carry customer satisfaction to the highest level by providing a high standard and quality sales service,

Respecting the time and rights of our customers,

To fully fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, environment and universal values,

Selling an internet that customers prefer and are satisfied with during their internet shopping,

To market world class quality products.

Not to leave people behind the developing technology by presenting all new products that are on sale in Europe and in the world at the same time,

To provide real and quality service to our customers by receiving customer satisfaction in all orders,

We aim to deliver all orders to the buyer in a securely closed package.

To deliver all orders to our customers as soon as possible.

Keeping customer satisfaction, privacy principles, quality and quality service in the foreground is one of our guiding principles.

After selling; Attaching importance to warranty, support and information up to product delivery are just a few of the basic ingredients included in our mission.

Our vision;

Unconditional customer satisfaction,

As Marka Virtual Stores and IT Services family; To ensure that you, our esteemed customers, spend more time in both private and business life.

We respect our customers' time and rights as much as possible.

As much as our own time, the time and money of each customer is very precious for us.

For this reason, to provide the necessary conditions by considering such issues while serving people on any subject.

Our company aims to sell its customers products that are part of their lives rather than shopping and to make them available to its customers.

Our Indispensable Values;

Our main goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with higher quality service than they expected.

We strictly comply with laws and legal regulations and we never compromise on this.

The security of our customers' personal information is the most important privacy and security factor for us.

We are a good and ethical online e-commerce website. All of our products on our site are products approved by the relevant ministries.

Our target;

Our company has a number of goals both in online purchases and sales and in wholesale purchases and sales.

The main purpose of these targets is to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to meet the needs of the customer.

Therefore, to mention our goals with a few items;

To increase the satisfaction of our customers;

Only reliable and superior quality; but to offer affordable products and services.

To develop systems and strategies that increase service dependency.

We aim to continuously increase the variety of products and services and to introduce new products first.

To protect the dynamic and rapid decision making mechanism within the organizational structure;

To present the products requested by you, our esteemed customers, on time and within the framework of price and value relationship;

To be a leader in innovations and creativity;

We aim to be the shopping club where the best in the industry want to work.

We are on the way to provide permanent competitive advantages and not to put competition below market conditions.

Using the technological infrastructure effectively and efficiently, we always aim to be the first follower of information technologies.

We aim to offer superior features that can meet your “urgent needs” on our shopping site.

Above all, we aim to offer the materials and hardware that are fully compatible with the technology that has become widespread recently, which will meet the needs of our esteemed customers. We strive to entitle all purchases and sales based on customer satisfaction. We try to provide the products that our customers want and continue our purchases and sales by evaluating the comments made by our customers on the products they use.


With our experienced and expert staff who can produce customized solutions for you,

With our computer and software support that can reach the desired information at any time,

With our technology that can make necessary cargo transportation, packaging and information transfer fast and reliable,

With our feature of providing order tracking and cargo shipment status information by e-mail,

With our online customer representatives between 09.00 and 18.00, where you can reach and consult safely on any subject,

We are at your service with our support units that can direct the ordered products correctly and quickly.

As an e-commerce company, we follow all the technological developments for you and offer you products and services that will make your life easier by taking advantage of the technology.

This company, which respects the customers for a long time in the industry, delivers orders quickly and has a team of knowledge and experience behind it, is one of the most reliable addresses in internet trade.

In our company, which has 11 years of experience, knowledge, knowledge and technological infrastructure in the e-commerce sector, you are at the "Right Time, Right Address ..."

With love and respect,

Marka Net Corporate E-commerce Services Family