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Age Reversist Set

630.99 SAR
Stok Kodu ERSLS0084
Marka DR. C. TUNA
Stok Durumu Stoklarımızda
Tahmini Kargo Süresi 5-7 gün
Ürün Açıklaması

Benefits of Farmasi Age Reversist Series Products
Thanks to Farmasi Age Reversist Gel Cleanser, which is one of the products in the series, it is possible to thoroughly clean the skin and purify the pores completely. In addition, thanks to this product, which is also effective in the soothing and soothing of the skin, the skin will remain much softer. Its effective oil-free formula allows the skin to breathe and refresh.
Farmasi Age Reversist Moisturizing Cream acts as a protective barrier against aging on the skin. It creates smoothness by providing fine lines and wrinkles to fill.
Farmasi Age Reversist Serum is a product that is effective in the repair of deeper lines and wrinkles that appear on the skin. It provides the skin to gain radiance and revival as a result of regular use. The product, which is also effective in the protection of moisture balance, does not lose skin elasticity.
We can say that Farmasi Age Reversist Cream is one of the most effective products in the series. This product, which shows its effect at the first application, is presented to the customer in small single-use packages. It is considered to be suitable for all skin types.
Farmasi Age Reversist Eye Cream is a product that protects the sensitive eye area and lightens the appearance of fine lines. It is also effective in the treatment of bagging and bruises that occur under the eyes.
If you wish, you can use the products in the series regularly by collecting them in Farmasi Age Reversist Special Bag. It is also possible to purchase this bag, which is very stylish and useful, by specifying the product code.

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