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What is Aphrodisiac Fragrance?

The perfume, which dates back to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, is a sine qua non of everyday life. The fragrances that the French used to hide and hide bad smells for a while were among the habits and even necessities of people since the 19th century.

Aphrodisiac Fragrance

Finding an aphrodisiac-effective perfume that reflects your mood, your skin and your style may not be as easy as you might think. Depending on the chemistry of the body, how the perfume changes its effect on your body depends on your eating habits, your strhese and hormonal differences. This means that not every perfume creates the same effect. For this reason, it is very important that the aphrodisiac perfume is suitable for your own skin while it is in harmony with your body. The scents you choose will not only reflect your personality, but will also leave you with a sense of remembrance. The fragrances are the layers of smell you smell in front of each other as time goes by. Among the notes separated by upper, middle and lower notes, the lightest and transient smell you can hear is the top notes, the first smell you feel when you put on a scary perfume and your nose. Although this stage is the most important part in choosing an aphrodisiac perfume, these are the ones that fly fastest. Middle notes come after this fragrance layer, which usually contains light berries and citrus fruits. After the first 20 minutes of perfuming, the upper notes fly away and leave you with the middle notes of the pheromone perfume essence. These notes, often composed of blends of flowers and fruit, can also be strengthened by spice breezes. At this stage, you will get the most beautiful and most dizzying smell of perfume. In a sense, a perfume is a medium note. When the middle notes are over and the place is left in the lower note, it means that the perfume is in the sub-note that characterizes the endurance. The performance of the lower notes determines the permanence of the pheromone perfume. The sub-notes that undertake the task of sustaining the perfume effect for a long time depend entirely on the quality of the product and the harmony with the skin. The most popular sub-notes are usually cedar, sandalwood and vanilla.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Aphrodisiac Fragrance;

Perfumes should be chosen differently as day and night. In everyday use, smoother and lighter smells may be preferred, while longer lasting and heavy smells may be preferred. Hair is a very good feature of sucking hair, so hair is very successful in carrying and spreading pheromone perfume. In areas where blood circulation is intense, perfume distribution is also very complicated. It is also very suitable for the use of aphrodisiac perfume since the regions such as wrist, neck, temples, ankle and collarbone are regions where blood circulation is fast. Contrary to popular belief, behind the ear is a bad choice for perfume use. Because there are no oil beads in this area, perfume can dry the skin and aging effect. The persistence of the fragrance is not only related to the applied region but also to the texture of the skin. The fragrance applied on a moist skin is more effective and more persistent. For this reason, the use of perfume after shower should be preferred, and even before the body lotion is applied, the persistence of the perfume should be increased. Since temperature and light are an aphrodisiac perfume enemy, you should avoid using perfume especially when sunbathing. The biggest mistake made after perfume has been applied is to rub on in-wrist applications, for example. This movement can disrupt the structure of the pheromone perfume molecules and cause changes in the flavor and deterioration. Aphrodisiac perfumes that are squeezed at close distances may cause stains on the clothes, so they should be applied more distantly or they should be squeezed into the air so that their clothes are affected by perfume. A long-lasting perfume that integrates with your skin and your soul will also become your signature and make you more memorable by reflecting you.

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