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Cheer EDP 50 ML Women Perfume

165.66 SAR
Stok Kodu ERSLS0017
Stok Durumu Stoklarımızda
Tahmini Kargo Süresi 5-7 gün
Ürün Açıklaması

Farmasi Cheer Edp Women's Perfume, which appears as an oriental and floral fragrance, is full of energy with its combination of different notes and exhibits a very simple stance thanks to its musk feature. The scent deepens with amber, musk and patchouli in the bottom notes, and the jasmine flower and ylang ylang scent in the heart note provides a great integrity. With Farmasi Cheer Edp Women's Perfume, which preserves the scent of grapefruit, beramot and tangerine, which makes you feel like you are strolling in the orchards in the top notes, you will find the complex fragrance you are looking for. You can recommend Farmasi Cheer Edp Women's Perfume to those who are looking for a new and similar women's perfume.

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