Are you not enjoying sexuality?

Let's start with the foundation. What exactly is sexuality, sexual desire?

Sexuality; an urge to enjoy and repent. We live in a natural need, such as food, water and even sleep. In addition, sexual desire is the desire of a person to have sexual relations with the opposite sex or with a male. Every person who has no hormonal or psychological distress and has reached a certain body maturity, wants to have sex and pleasure.
What is the importance of inter-partner communication for a healthy sexual approach?
Communication between partners is strongly influenced by sexuality. It is hard to expect a great harmony in a sexual life of a couple whose emotional relationship is weak. Couples with a harmonious sexual life can also color their sexual lives that go their way by talking comfortably about sexuality. People's positive or negative wishes and desires from each other, without any hesitation, directing each other, increasing the harmony and communication between them. In addition, sexual monotony is also prevented in the associations where sexuality can be spoken. It may not be possible for sexuality to give pleasure in the relationships where communication is broken.

How does the reluctance of the woman reveal during the relationship? What does the body language say, and how?

Communication does not progress only verbally. One of the points to be considered in this regard is the body language. Partners in some cases may prefer to hide their sexual reluctance. In this case, body language is guiding us. Your body language, tone of voice, facial expressions reflect more thoughts and feelings than verbal communication. And sexuality is the same. When talking about your sexual relationship or criticizing your partner, you should choose both words carefully and make sure that you support the message you give with your entire body.

Does sexual malaise and reluctance have a connection with vaginismus?

vaginismus; During sexual intercourse, when the lower perinal muscles (love muscles) contract independently of the will of the person, sexual intercourse becomes completely impossible. In some people, vaginismus can be seen as masked with sexual reluctance. In such cases, it is best for the couple who have problems to consult with a specialist and get support from sexual therapy.

What should the partner's approach be to improve the situation?

Sexuality and sexual problems are a sensitive issue. For this reason, when discussing their problems, avoid sudden reactions in the disagreements and be careful not to break the voice of the partner. While talking about problems, you may not share the same idea with your partner, but you can be more sensitive to his wishes and feelings. When you transfer your feelings or feelings to the other side, it may make it easier for you to prefer the ken I a language instead of the, you His language. For example; Instead of saying malı You are doing this ”,” I feel like that “should be used.

How can one mentally begin to adopt a mindset in order to overcome sexual delusion?

One of the biggest mistakes made in sexuality is to ignore the problem. Being aware of the existence of the problem and thinking about what should be done to resolve the problem can be reached on this. Remember, there is a solution to every problem as well as your sexual problems. Instead of sweeping your problems under the carpet, you can have a healthy, happy and peaceful life by searching for solutions.

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