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Deep Black Mascara 8 ML

67.77 SAR
Stok Kodu ERSLS00390
Stok Durumu Stoklarımızda
Tahmini Kargo Süresi 5-7 gün
Ürün Açıklaması

The product, which stands out even with its packaging, is very easy to apply thanks to its creamy consistency. With the soft brush, the eyelashes are separated from each other and curled easily and have a plump appearance. The caking event in many mascara varieties with fullness does not occur in Farmasi Deep Black Mascara. The main feature of the product is that it does not clump. It is very easy to use and is professional in providing volume by separating the lashes from each other. The product, which extends the lashes very nicely, does not flow throughout the day and provides comfortable use. Farmasi Deep Black Mascara provides more black eyelashes with its special pigments, while its soft and plastic brush separates the lashes one by one and makes them look fuller. It contains vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 in the naturally-made product with a completely herbal ingredient. In this way, it nourishes the lashes and helps the lashes look healthier by providing the care they need.

Farmasi Deep Black Mascara doubles the advantage of applying impressive makeup by offering quality, health and naturalness together. The color is quite intense, it lengthens the lashes, and the product, which shows an amazing effect even on one layer, clearly shows its quality on the second floor. It will be seen in the first use that it is a product that continues its effect for a long time. Farmasi Deep Black Mascara, which offers the most economical advantage of looking more well-groomed and beautiful, goes on for a very long time as it is a viscous product. It is possible to look alive all day long with the product that nourishes the lashes.

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