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Diyetmax Band 30 Pieces
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Product Details

How to use Dietmax

Dietmax is very simple to use. Remove the package from the special package you received. Remove the 1 Dietmax Band. Stick to your back, shoulder or arm. The only important thing to note is that the area you will stick on your skin is lean and dry. After pasting, you should use the Dietmaxband for a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 24 hours (hours of sleep are important).
Dietmax Content

Fucus Vesiculosus
Garcina Cambogia
What is Dietmax?
Diyetmax were imported from the United States is the only band weight loss approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. It consists of 30 bands and 30 days special menu. The herbal compositions contained in the tape are absorbed by the skin and are effective throughout the body. The oils on the base of the mass are reduced to the molecular base and discharged through the urine, which is why you may experience frequent urination and change in urine color during the process of use. Special menu diet program is provided as a sample nutrition program can create your own menu yourself. Without calorie or portion calculation, you are fed by saturation without fat restriction, so you should eat three meals regularly while you are using dietmax, and your weight gain will be higher in the area where fat is concentrated. Basen, hip and belly regions, such as weight loss in detention bags, hair and skin loss, diet stress, heart rhythm disorder and many other health problems caused by the fasting or other products you do not experience the problems you do not experience. Side effects are zero, even in patients with organ transplants that can be used in normal metabolism in a month between 8 to 12 pounds of weight gain, while in heavy metabolism this rate varies between 3 and 8 pounds.

Installments Information

  • Cardfinans
    Peşin 79,90 79,90
    2 39,95 79,90
    3 26,63 79,90
    4 19,98 79,90
    5 15,98 79,90
    6 13,32 79,90


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