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Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg Men's Penis Hardener
Product Code : ERSLS-0146

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What is Kamagra Oral Jelly?

The product, which has Indian aphrodisiac effect, is used for Erectile Dysfunction and for treatment of impotence in men. The Kamagra product, which is said to have the same effects as the Viagra, is an erection drug. This product containing sildenafil citrate has the same effect on Viagra. Viagra carried the Kamagra gel product, which is an expensive alternative in the world market, to the market. This erection product, produced in India and presented to the world market as FDA approval, is preferred as an alternative to Viagra in a short time. Kamagra is used in 50 mg and 100 mg forms. Kamagra 100 mg 7th gel consistency were presented to the customer if the packages sold in Turkey. Pills are sold in 50 mg and 100 mg tablets.

How to use the Kamagra ?

Kamagra is sold in 100 mg and 7 packages. Because it is a product in gel form, it is sold with strawberry, banana and apple flavors. Because the gel form is more effective than pills, it is sold as gel. In the use of Kamagra gel, it is recommended to consume 100 mg of gelatin 30 minutes before the association. One gel per day should be consumed. The 100 mg gel package is taken 30 minutes before the application and effects the person. Kamagra's effect lasts for 30 minutes. Having the same properties as the tablet, only the gel is separated in a way that makes the effect faster.

Things to Watch While Using Kamagra

It is very important that our product is Ajanta Pharma production.

If tablets are taken as tablets, it is necessary to divide them into two at the beginning and use a small dose.

It is recommended to use 1 tablet without sexual intercourse during pill usage.

Use with medicines containing nitroglycerin is dangerous.

Alcohol use is not recommended with medication.

In the use of Kamagra, drugs taken for high blood pressure or prostate problems should not be used together. People should pay attention to the elements that should be avoided for the drug. The Kamagra product used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction should be used at the indicated dose. Use of gel should not exceed 1 per day. Side effects may occur when there is excessive use. As a result, excessive use in both the pill and the gel package should not be mentioned.

What is Kamagra 100 mg Side Effects?

Side effects of the Kamagra are not much seen. However, side effects may occur in people with overdose of the product or use of more than one gel consistency. Side effects can also be seen if we are not careful with the drugs we mentioned. These medicines should not be consumed with Kamagra. People should consult their doctor or re-examine their use advice when they see side effects. When the recommended doses for Erectile Dysfunction treatment are used correctly, there are no side effects. However, some of the side effects of the drug may develop depending on these reasons in people. In these situations it will be more accurate to re-examine the usage guidelines. Here are the side effects of the Kamagra product;

Rarely, 16% of those using headache were found.

In men with migraine headache, it was 10%.

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