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Melsan Comfort Double Electric Blanket
Product Code : 19855

Product Details

Textile Surface: It is a textile material with its decorative surfaces.

 Soft Touch As well as provides a more comfortable and warmer environment.

 Heated System: Double Layer Spiral Coiled Cr-Ni Heater Wires, Pvc Coated Over 125 Degree Durable.

 More flexible than spiral windings and 4 times more secure against wire breaks.

 The Overcurrent in the Second Layer Provides Superior Protection Against Overcurrents.

 Control Unit: 2 * 0.50 Double Coated Power Cable Used.

 There are 2 heating stages on this cable (heat-hot).

 Sta-300 High Quality Insulation Materials Used in Ports.

Dismountable Control Unit (With Socket)

 The product is formed by the homogenous arrangement of double layer spiral heater wires between a nonwoven plate and a micro-surface polar textile material.

 It Is Used In Pe Films Between Plates To Ensure Homogeneous Arrangement.

 There are 2 heat levels, warm and warm. On the control unit located on the power cable, there are insurance against over current (overloads).

 In case of any risk, this fuse is fired and the circuit is disconnected.

 If this fuse is not replaced with a new product, the product will not work more.

 Since the control unit is detachable from the blanket, only this part can be changed and the product can be used.

 Overcurrent Security Insurance (Overcurrent) System

Never use the Operating Instructions without reading.

 This Product is an Electric Bottom Blanket. It is used by laying under the bed sheet.

Installments Information

  • Cardfinans
    Peşin 119,00 119,00
    2 59,50 119,00
    3 39,67 119,00
    4 29,75 119,00
    5 23,80 119,00
    6 19,83 119,00


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