Perfume and its History

If you close your eyes, you will not see, if you close your ears, you will not hear. But unless we stop breathing, we have no choice but to smell. Moreover, the smell can reach even the most primitive points of our brain without any explanation. Even in the days when verbal communication is not yet evolving, the most important factor that makes people's choice is the smell. Flowers, spices, tree fragrances ı Perfume is not only a nice smell but also an important indicator that reflects the identity and style.
The current use of the fragrance, which has an eight-year-old culture, is personal, but it has first appeared in religious traditions. In 6000 BC in Egypt, the sun god Ra, rosemary, fennel and thyme burning sun rises to the rituals. The first known name of Cleopatra, which is the history of the smell in Europe is 300-400 years ago. The fragrance, which goes to Europe with the Crusades, has brought the perfume culture to the next level and created the perfume sector.
The first perfume in the history of world perfume is hungarian juice. Queen Elizabeth of Hungary applies a formula to suppress the bad smell: rose water, oregano essence and alcohol. This is the first perfume in history Tarih
We smell different in different emotions. According to research, we give a 70% impression that you will not be employed in the first three seconds of the job interviews. Your body language as well as the smell of this factor. Of course your smell doesn't make a big change, but it has a convincing effect on the point of indecision.

The perfume we received in one may not stop. The main element of the smell is the secretion of the person's skin. Personal factors such as age, gender, eating habits, sleep patterns, water, milk and meat consumption, smoking and alcohol use should be known in order to understand skin secretion.

Characters of Odors

Sweet Smell: It calms one's feelings with calmness. Increases confidence.

Sandalwood: This fragrance, which is known and used especially in the Far East, is thought to have a positive effect on the imagination. It also increases the imagination.

Daily: Cleans the dirty energy from the negative thoughts of people. Provides calmness on the person and in the house. Refreshes consciousness and perception.

Rose: Love, love, raises feelings of love. It relaxes emotional conflicts and turmoil among people.

Lemon: It has a relaxing effect. Loosens the nerves, gives refreshment.

Jasmine: It helps the mystic emotions to take action, the senses increase and the people understand each other better.

Lavender: There is always a sense of good emotion on men. It is also used as a healing and cleansing.

Daisy: It fills the human being with pleasant joy. It activates pure emotions.

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