Secrets of looking young without having aesthetic surgery

Our heart is always young. However, the number of those who see it from the outside is not much. Especially in winter, when our skin becomes dull, when thin wrinkles occur due to dryness around the eyes, we do not look too young when we look in the mirror. In the short term, this is not the anti-aging creams nor the nutritional solution that we change. Because the effect of both methods is manifested in the long term. But with the tips below, you can instantly see that you are rejuvenating ...

1- USE GOGGLES: Who also said that those wearing glasses look more serious and old? On the contrary, a stylish glasses hides the fine wrinkles around the eyes and directs the gaze to the nose and further down.

2- TAKE YOUR EYES: Well-groomed, correct-shaped eyebrows lift up the eyes and provide a brighter look without the need for botox.

3- FOR PEACH TONES: Choosing a blush, peach shades are more fresh and youthful. Ufuk Çeleb, the make-up artist, emphasizes that the cream blush provides a more natural look on the unbonded skin. Drive your blush just as if it were bronze, just to the regions where the sun first burned; on the forehead and cheekbones ... alın

4- RUJ DROP IN CHERRY TONS: While talking about red lipstick, how about examining a few of the pictures of Gwen Stefani, who is one of those who use this product correctly? Famous in the street without red lipstick
The singer only supports this simple make-up with the mask. And she's 10 years younger. Because the red lips are so remarkable that they make other details on the face unclear. Less make-up makes the skin look more clear.

5- EYE COVERS CAFEIN: Caffeine-containing eye gels, under-eye swelling is very fast results. Gently massage the product with your forefinger under the eye for application. This is also effective for blood circulation. For a natural application you can also compress with black or green. Brew the tea, then let it cool down. Soak a cotton pad with this tea and place it on your eyelids and wait.

6- FOR THE WATER: It is not surprising that we see models and actors drinking water without stopping. Two liters of water per day is even more effective than the most expensive anti-aging cream. In this way, the skin becomes tense and wrinkles open.

7- WHITE THREAD: Do you know that the white teeth instantly rejuvenate? The yellowed teeth, on the contrary, give an aged look. You can have super-looking teeth with whitening toothpastes or professional whitening treatments.

8-COLOR CLOTHING: Fashion authorities, colorful dressing automatically gives the person a fresh look says. Especially bright yellow tones are considered the stars of other colors. Depending on your skin type, of course you can choose warm or cool tones.

9- KAKÜL KESTİRİN: Hair designers actually have this old knowledge long before. Hair designer Şenol Zeytinoğlu says that it is possible to roll back time with at least a few years with the right hairstyle: When you look around you can see that there are too many young girls using this hairstyle. Et

10- MAKE SURE THE MAKEUP: Less is always more. Because the thicker the face of the face applied to the face, the older the face shows. Ufuk Çeleb explains that the foundation of the nasal area is the least necessary part of the foundation: ges Because this is the part that shows the most makeup. In addition, color pigments penetrate into fine wrinkles during the day and make them look deeper. Therefore, it is better to choose colorful day cream as much as possible during the day. Stay as far away from the thick and dense powder as possible. 

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