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Serum Foundation NO: 04

169.21 SAR
Stok Kodu ERSLS00250
Stok Durumu Stoklarımızda
Tahmini Kargo Süresi 5-7 gün
Ürün Açıklaması

Farmasi Make Up Serum Foundation Features:

It is known by everyone that being exposed to direct sunlight is harmful. SPF 15 contained in Farmasi Make Up Serum Foundation protects 15 people from the harmful effects of the sun.
While it is being developed, thanks to the minerals preferred in its content, it provides the nutrition that the skin needs.
Moisturizing the skin is important for skin health. The product provides humidification for a long time.
The product has a medium coverage feature. It does this satisfactorily with high permanence.
It has a satin and shiny finish. In this way, it ensures that the skin is both young and, accordingly, a fresh appearance.

Use of Farmasi Make Up Serum Foundation:

Various improvements were provided by Farmasi, which analyzes the problems experienced by women at the point of foundation use, in order to provide ease of use. The product includes a glass dropper. The application of the product to the skin with glass dropper is provided quite easily compared to other types of foundation.

After using the glass dropper, the person can easily distribute the product using their fingertips, makeup sponge or foundation brush. The light and thin structure of the product helps the skin of the person to look fresh throughout the day. The product also fights against the pollution that the skin is exposed to during the day.

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