Watch out for skin spots!

Especially in the summer months, our communication with the sun and our sincerity are increasing. Although experts say that only about 10 to 15 minutes of vitamin D absorption will remain in the sun, many of us are exaggerating this situation in the name of tanning. We spend the summer just sunbathing. Although the sun's harmful rays do not understand the effects of the sun and the skin is prepared to create the stain.
What happens on the skin during the formation of stains? How many types of stain are mentioned?
In general, the stains on the skin, in general, superficial and deeply separated spots as we divide into two. Relatively new, short-term exposure to sun or any surface irritation and damage to our skin caused by superficial; long-term sun exposure, deep injuries, and hormonal spots after pregnancy can be an example of deep-seated stains. We can distinguish whether the stain is deep or superficial by means of wood light examination in cases where we are in distinction between these stain types. The formation of stains is actually a complicated process and does not have many stages. However, we can say that the number of melaocytes, which are our cells which give color to the skin in general, is increased due to the increase in the amount of melanin substance which gives the color of the skin produced by these cells and the various substances accumulated in the skin.
Apart from genetic effects, which environmental factors cause the formation of stains on the skin and adversely affect?

How do sun rays affect our skin? Which time zones do you need to stay in the sun?
Although we are talking about the sun's rays as the main responsible for the formation of stains, our body needs the sun's rays especially for the synthesis of vitamin D. In the winter, the sun's rays reach the earth more obliquely, and for the synthesis of vitamin D, even the exposed small areas of the body are enough to contact the sun. Therefore, in the winter months between 11: 00-16: 00 between 10-15 minutes a few sun sessions can be useful to our body. In the summer months, the opposite of the intensity of the UV rays 11: 00-16: 00 between the sun needs to avoid especially. The exposure of the skin to the sun causes melanin synthesis rather than our melanocytes, resulting in darkening of the skin and stains, reducing the moisture of the skin, causing dryness in the skin, cracks and wrinkles. The vascularization of the skin is increasing, causing redness and superficial capillaries. As a result, they can cause DNA damage and cause skin cancers especially at advanced ages.
What is the cause of skin blemishes in the neck, hand and face that develop as age progresses?
Face, neck, hands with décolleté area, direct contact with the outside environment and sun exposure. Therefore, the most important reason for staining these regions is the infrared, visible and ultraviolet rays that come in direct contact with the external environment. Among the most important sources of these rays comes the sun, television and computer screen or even fluorescent lamps. In addition to the rays, wind, cold-hot contact, sudden temperature changes, cigarette smoke, cosmetics and chemical products can cause stains directly or indirectly. Again, some drugs can increase the sensitivity to the sun and trigger the staining of these exposed areas. We also know that with the advancement of age, the building stones of the skin decrease and the power of self-renewal decreases. For this reason, due to sun exposure and other factors, we can also see an increase in stain formation in proportion to age.
What should be considered the most when using sunscreen?
Factors to be considered in the selection and use of sunscreen products include; skin color, skin type (mixed-oily skin or normal-dry?), pregnancy status, skin affecting acne, rose disease (Rozacea), sun allergy and so on. Therefore, in the product selection stage, dermatologists should be pre-evaluated and dermocosmetic products should be preferred.

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