What is Keratin?

Let's start by answering the question ud What is keratin? Atin Keratin is a group of proteins in the cells. Structurally stable and water-insoluble keratin; forms structures on the upper skin, such as nails, horns, hair and hair. Hair care is a must-have care product; leather, wool, silk, as well as fabric in almost all of our lives.

What are the benefits of keratin care?
The hair is exposed to many deformation factors, such as seasonal changes, heat treatments, dyeing and dyeing processes, styling sprays, creams and so on. Moreover, the irregularity of our diet or unhealthy nutrition also causes the hair to weaken and the loss of keratin in the hair. If your hair is weakened, worn and faded because of these factors at this point, the maintenance of your keratine grows. Keratin care wraps hair strands as a protection shield to protect against external influences. The strengthened hair is less affected by external factors.

Which hair needs keratin?
If your hair strands are thinner or you notice that you are getting thinner, your hair is more dull and discolored, your hair is shedding, and there are even heap clumps and hard, hard to scan, if your hair is much more difficult to shape, your hair needs this care.

How to make keratin mask?
Repairing your damaged hair and making this old, powerful and vivid treatment is not as difficult as it might seem. You can have your keratin care that you frequently hear from your hairdressers or the environment, hairdressers, hair care centers, or you can do it yourself with cosmetic products or keratin products from the house. Many brands of keratin mask, care cream, maintenance kits are available, the point is to choose products that are not inflated with silicone content. In addition to examining the contents of the product before you buy your own product at home, if you are going to do it in a hairdresser, you should pay attention to which products your hairdresser uses and its contents. Before taking care of the keratin, the hair is washed with a special shampoo, this shampoo scales, scalp, etc. It cleans. This shampoo is washed after waiting for a while in the hair and then the care product is applied to the tuft hair. Whether or not the product is applied to the scalp is not an important point since it will not change. The product is kept in the hair for 15-20 minutes, provided that there is not too high temperatures recommended, such as blow dryer, klimazon, such as heat giving machines to support the product to absorb hair. Then the hair is washed and dried and a coat is applied to the hair with a machine such as a blow dryer or straightener. When the care is over, the keratin rise and change in your hair will be visible and your hair will have a brilliant shine. Applying this care to your hair at certain periods is beneficial for the continuity of the proteins in your hair structure.

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